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Serving our customers and the beautiful Inland Northwest has been our privilege and a pleasure.

At this time we are not accepting any reservations or plans for events in 2023.

Full Service Catering and Event Planning

For family, business, or fun, focus on the vision and let us take care of the rest.

Wedding Caterer

Enjoy your love story!
we'll take care of the rest.

Corporate Caterer

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Special Events Caterer

Celebrations, Memorials, or
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and let us take care of the rest!

A catered event is so much more than providing your guests with something to eat.

From entrance to exit, true catering makes your guests feel special, perhaps pampered, and always well cared for. For instance, our focus on your event success begins with the selection and training of our staff. They are quality event hosts, guest greeters, and your hospitality ambassadors.

As we like to say, you focus on the vision, let us take care of the rest!

Catered For You is a full service, partial service, or delivery service caterer. Our Event Coordinators are professionals and know how to meet all of your event planning needs:

  • Venue selection
  • Rentals
  • Decorating services
  • Vendor coordination
  • And much, much more!

With Catered For You, you can focus on the moment confident that all the details are in good hands.

And our menu selections cannot be topped. Chef Romeo brings an impeccable flair to our international, ethnic and home grown cuisine. We can tailor our menu to the needs of any group and we're confident that we can offer dishes that will dazzle all.

Chef Romeo Herrera

Executive Chef

With over 25 years of experience in professional kitchens, Chef Romeo Herrera is passionate about food and the art of cooking. His creativity and impeccable taste make him one of the Northwest's leading culinary talents.

Chef Herrera's talents have been featured on local television and radio broadcasts, and his original recipes have been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The Spokesman-Review and Spokane Magazine. He is in demand to teach both public and private cooking classes, where his students enjoy learning from a master - and never leave hungry!

Linette Herrera

Event Planner Extraoridinaire

"I love bringing a client's dreams to reality - producing events with passion, creativity, and the utmost in hospitality."

The same passion that Chef Romeo brings to food is the passion that Linette has for her customers and their guests. Every event is a love story told a different way. She wants each customer to be the star in their own story.

Linette's got herself a Romeo. She and Chef Romeo are still madly in love after 25 years, they are soulmates and partners in crime. Where Linette prepares the palette, Chef Romeo delivers on the culinary delight.

Spokane Catering Excellence

Why should you be working with Catered For You?

International Caterers Associations Members
Proud members of the ICA

You might be wondering:

Am I the type of person who needs or can afford professional catering?

If the first concern you have about your upcoming event is whether your guests will have a good time, then YES! Catered For You offers full-service, limited service, or delivery service options. We work hard to match your budget limitations.

If you are concerned that you, your son, or daughter have an AMAZING love story experience on Wedding Day, then YES! Catered for You is a hands-on, sleeves-rolled-up Wedding Caterer that works with all the important decision makers and vendors on venue, napkin colors, guest seating, and day-of coordination. That leaves you with plenty of time to focus on the joy of the event.

If you need your customers to know that you add value to their experience and not just your pocket book, then a strong YES! Whether it is catering a luncheon or a convention center style event, Catered For You has the corporate catering experience to make a professional spread look good on you.

If you are celebrating or grieving, then YES indeed. Let us bring our hospitality to cater to your guests while they bring love and good memories to your family.

Catering is right for all seasons, and in all the seasons, Catered For You will be there.

Please remember:

It costs you nothing to sit down with us and ask. We want to help; even if there is a better solution for you than our services.

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Our Menus

Hors d’oeuvre

Great for Ice Breakers!

Savoury little bite paired with a glass of wine or a cocktail? Why resist? We have hundreds of hors d’oeuvre options for a cocktail party, or an appetizer prior to the main event. Consider having a passed item to make your guests feel pampered. Ask your Event Coordinator to make a customized menu for your next party. [Click Here to Ask]


A Cuisine for All Events

Our enticing Entrée options will add unique flavor to your event. We offer selections ranging from fresh seafood, to perfectly prepared beef and chicken. You’ll also find an assortment of pastas and vegetarians options to choose from! Not seeing what you’re looking for? Speak with an Event Coordinator about what you had in mind. [Click Here to Ask]


Mid-day Extravagance!

Planning a corporate luncheon? Let us take care of that! We have a wide selection of hot or cold lunches that will add a personal touch to your next lunch meeting. Ask your Event Coordinator about popular packages. [Click Here to Ask]


Sides and Salads

A full or multi-course meal too much? How about a enriching salad paired with a mouth-watering side? There are many Internationally inspired flavours to explore here! Ask an Event Coordinator for a recommendation! [Click Here to Ask]


Add a Perfect Finish

No event is complete without a bite of something sweet. Make the finish of your event memorable with one of Chef's amazing desserts. Light and delicate, chocolaty and delicious. Whatever your sweet tooth craves, we have a delicacy that delights. Contact your Event Coordinator for more details. [Click Here to Ask]

8 Steps to Hire YOUR Perfect Caterer

Some advice for the unsure, excited, and urgent catering consumer.

  1. Set Your Expectations

    What type of event are you hosting? This can help determine your catering needs: food, rentals, venue, etc. How long is your event? What are your event vital statistics: Event Date, # of Guests, Time of Day, etc. Most importantly, write these things down. Consider creating an event "journal", i.e. a clean writing tablet or binder where you can keep all of your event details in one place and look back through them when questions about details arise. Consider it a practice that if you didn't write it down, it didn't get decided.

  2. Research Your Options

    There are a lot of "caterers" in every community, and about as many different ways of catering. Full Service, Food Only, Event Planner, Take Out. You need to create a list of possible matches for your particular needs or interest. The important thing at this stage is to set your requirements before you research. You must be able to know that a caterer CAN provide what is important to you. If you don't know what those things are, you may be swayed by "price and promise" only to be disappointed later by delivery or follow through.

  3. Make Initial Contact

    Making initial contact with a Caterer can set an important tone for the relationship. You must be comfortable with the person or persons that you deal with and they must also be comfortable with you as a customer. Poisoning the well, so to speak, can lead to bad results when the motivation to go above and beyond in service is at stake. Be clear. Use written words as much as possible to be sure that something was understood. Many caterers will gather information through their website so be complete as you can. If possible, ask for a face-to-face meeting, especially at their office or place of business so you can get the feel of them as a business person. If they are making food for you, be sure to ask if you can see their kitchen. You want to know that the caterer is not just a good deal, but also demonstrates concern for you and your guests by doing things the right way.

  4. Negotiate the Deal

    Death as they say is in the details. But so is life and the success of your event. Unless you have an unlimited budget, the inconvenient truth is that you will have to make compromises. Your vision of the perfect event will not always be possible based on your financial resources. Before you give up on being able to have professional catering, however, consider this. Look at the event through the eyes of your guest. You may not be able to have a 7 course meal, or an $80 spray of flowers on every table. But what does our guest see? If you focus on the relationship, provide an experience where the guest feels pampered and catered to, won't they see how important you made them feel? So, negotiate for the MUST haves to make the experience a positive one, but listen to your caterer for options that will make the process reasonable for your budget as well.

  5. Choose YOUR Caterer

    If you have made it this far, congratulations! You are well on your way to having and incredible event. You should by this time know who has made you feel the most comfortable with the process. You "click" with this caterer. So, as long as they can meet your budget limitations, you have found your caterer! For your event to be a success, you want to have that trusting relationship with your caterer. They will be your hospitality ambassador with your guests so pick the one the best reflects who you are.

  6. Make Initial Deposit

    The catering contract does not begin until you put money on the table. So, be prepared to make a down payment on your event. This is when things really start happening. With the earnest money, your caterer can begin to make the deals for rentals, food purchases, flower purchases, cakes, etc. The challenge of the deposit is that your caterer must know that you are committed to following through with the deal as you are with having them do the same. So, you should expect to pay from 20%-50% of the contracted cost to start the ball rolling. Remember, though, don't over pay your deposit. You still need to have a relationship with this caterer so be sure there is some meat left on the bone so they will perform at their best for you.

  7. Schedule weekly touches for success

    Every event hits rough spots. Your color is not available. The price of filet mignon has gone up. If an event comes off without any changes or adjustments, you should feel blessed. So it is important that you schedule time with your coordinator to make sure that things are on schedule, on budget, and in the bag. While you are working out all the details with your guests and other important decision makers, don't forget to check in routinely with your caterer. Especially if they do not initiate the contact first. This is a business transaction and they work for you, keep them accountable.

  8. Focus on your guests

    You are now getting close to your event. Nothing seems to be out of place. Decisions made. It is time for you to focus on being the perfect host. Think about how you will greet your guests, consider the way that you can make them feel comfortable. Before you walk in to play your role, be sure to pamper yourself. You have to feel good on the day of the event as well. We all know that there are no guarantees of perfection. If you concentrate on who you are doing this for, however, giving them your 100%, it is almost impossible for them to leave without feeling that this was a wonderful way to spend their time.